Improving Writing Skill At Grade Vii Students Of MTs. Bina Potensi Sis Al- Jufri Palu Through Outlining Technique

In Indonesia, English is taught as a foreign language from elementary school up to university levels. The purpose in learning English is that students can communicate in English both oral and written. In learning English there are four skills that should be mastered by the students, namely: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Then, language components are vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

Writing is one of the language skills and very important in mastering an English language. Through writing the students can express their ideas, logically, systematically and communicate with readersin written form of paragraph. The students can also describe a language so that the message in writing can be understood by the readers.

In the curriculum of Junior High School which is called Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan (KTSP), that writing  is also necessary skill to teach and learn when teaching English. It can be seen in the syllabus of English for writing in the second semester of the seventh grade which states “ memahami makna dalam teks fungsional dan esai pendek sangat sederhana berbentuk descriptive dan procedure untuk berinteraksi dengan lingkungan terdekat.” It means that in teaching writing at the seventh grade in the second semester. there are two types. The students is demanded to make descriptive paragraph and procedure. Descriptive is to describe about something, someone, situation, and etc, or write about the way persons, places, or things. Procedure is official way of the process in making or doing something.

Based on the researcher’s observation, and interview with the English teacher at MTs. Bina Potensi Sis Al-Jufri Palu.That the grade VII of students in the school faced difficultiesin writing. When they wrote sentences in paragraph, they did not know how to transfer their idea, even how to arrange a sentence. By looking at the condition, the researcher conducted a research on writing descriptive paragraph through outlining.

Paragraph is a group of sentences dealing with one topic. In  writing, the students need several components to support their writing. The first component is grammar, the students have to master grammar. It helps the students to produce a good writing. If the students are lack of grammar mastery, the reader get confused and difficult to know the ideas of writing produces. The second component is vocabulary. It affects their writing skill. The more vocabulary that they have, the easiest to express their ideas. The third component is the use of writing mechanics. There are three of writing mechanics, namely punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Writing has some typessuch as descriptive, narrative, recount, report paragraphs,etc. In this occasion, the researcherfocused her research on writing descriptive paragraph.

A descriptive paragraph has sentences that work together to describe and give a clear picture of a person, event, place or thing. The researcher chose descriptive paragraph because in descriptive paragraph the students can describe the object and make the reader can see, feel, hear,and touch the object. It means that the students use their imagination and knowledge in their writing.

Outlining is one technique to improve the students’ writing skill. By using outlining technique, the students  get easy to develope their ideas and focus to the topic, and then the students write quickly. For junior high school,writing a descriptive paragraph through outlining was very helpful to improve students’ writing skill.

Author : Kasniar