Teaching Vocabulary To The Eighth Grade Students Of SMP Negeri 21 Palu Throught Genre-Based Approach

Vocabulary is one of language components that plays very important part in teaching and learning English as a foreign language. Every language has its own words, and those words have their own meaning that need to be known in spoken and written communication. Words are also considered as a small part of language that is used to construct phrase, sentence, paragraph, and essay. So it  is a way in teaching  vocabulary that has to be done and devoloped especelially in English teaching and learning process.

Teaching English vocabulary has a significant role to accelerate the ability of students in learning English. When the students know many English words, it will help them in learning English. Hunt and Baglar (2002: 259) state that knowing  3000 English words will give significance  understanding in English.

English vocabulary is one of the major problems faced by learners of English  as a foreign language, especially the Eighth grade students of SMP Negeri 21 Palu. Based on the preliminary observation that had been conducted by the researcher in that school, the students there can not express their feeling and thought both in spoken and written. It proved when the researcher asked them in English about their life and daily activity, most of them did not give any responses, they were silence and confusing. On the contrary, their response were good enough, when the researcher asked in Bahasa Indonesia with  the some questions. In adition, the researcher ordered the students to translate things around their classroom in English without using dictionary, almost of them could not to translate them correctly.

In short, it is evident that the Eighth students of SMP Negeri 21 Palu get difficulty in learning English, especially in vocabulary. Therefore, in the effort to find out a good way to solve the problems and to make the students more interested in studying English, the researcher would like to propose a set of approach that can be used in teaching vocabulary, namely genre based approach.

Genre-based Approach can be defined as an approach in teaching English which views language as an open dynamic system, where knowledge about language is taught in an explicit manner; and genres (Types of the text) are used as a medium an approach to develop the four language skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed in balance (Martin in Firkin, 2007: 1). The researcher employed Genre-based Approach in teaching vocabulary to the eighth grade students of  SMP Negeri 21 Palu

Genre-based approach becomes popular when the Competence Based Curriculum had been introduced in Indonesia particularly for English language curriculum of senior high schools. The use of GBA in the teaching of English as a foreign language is based on the perception that when someone communicates, she actually creates texts through stretches of clauses that make sense (Agustien, 2007: 1). The target of this approach is for  emphasizing the mastery of language competence and prepare the students to enter the senior high school. Morever, it is valuable for the students to motivate to be able to communicate both oral or write.

Author : Karnila