The Correlation Betweeen The Mastery Of Simple Past Tense And The Ability To Write Recount Text Of The Eleventh Grade Students Of Sma Al-Khairaat Palu

There are four skills which are taught in the teaching and learning English. They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These skills cannot stand alone. They need language components: grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation to support them. Without these language components, those skills will not be perfect. For example in writing, if a student wants to write a text, but they don’t understand about grammar, they will not produce a good text.

Grammar mastery is important in writing a text. Without the correct usage of grammar, the written text will not be understood by readers because in written form we do not have direct interaction with the readers as we usually do in speaking.

The School Based Curriculum for  high school which is implemented at SMA AL-Khairaat  Palu for all subjects. The purpose of the English teaching and learning in the classroom is to develop the master of language components and language skills.

One of the materials of English lesson is tenses. Tense has been taught at the tenth grade students of SMA AL-Khairaat Palu and the school has provided many books to improve students’ ability in understanding grammar. Mastering English tenses is one of the aspects that influence students’ skill in writing. Thus, they should master the tenses to make their writing good. In teaching and learning process, the teacher teaches the students to write many kinds of text such as recount, narrative, procedure, descriptive text, and report text. In this research, the researcher only discussed about recount text.

Recount text is one of the texts that retell us about events, experiences and actions that happen in the past (Djuharie, 2009:171). In general the tense that is often used in recount is past tense form. Azar (1999:27) states, “Simple past indicates that an activity or situation began and ended at a particular time in the past”. It can be seen from the definition of past tense is a tense used to describe action or events in the past.

Based on the preliminary research, the teacher said that most of the students of SMA AL-Khairaat Palu still have many difficulties in understanding grammar and writing a text. It can be seen by the mistakes they make when they write a text such as incorrect punctuation, spelling, capitalization and tenses that they use.

Therefore, the researcher wants to know whether their mastery of past tense supports their ability in writing recount. It is assumed that if it is so, then their mastery of other tenses, or grammar in general will support their ability to engage with other text types. Among the four language skills, writing is considered to be the most difficult skill to acquire. We often find it hard even to write in our native language. Therefore, the researcher wants to find out whether students’ mastery of grammar, in this case, simple past tense, will be useful for improving their writing skill. So that the researcher wants to find out there is a positive correlation between the mastery of simple past tense and the ability to write a recount text of eleventh grade of SMA Al-Khairaat Palu. The researcher chose simple past tense and recount text because recount text is related to simple past tense because we use simple past tense to write recount text.

Referring to the background above, the researcher formulated the research question as follows: “Is there any significant correlation between the mastery of simple past and the ability to write recount text of the eleventh grade students of SMA AL-Khairaat Palu?” The objective of this research was to find out the correlation between the mastery of simple past and the ability to write recount text of the eleventh grade students of SMA AL-Khairaat Palu.

Author : Latifah