Building Sustainability Quality of English Education Department by Creating English Area

English has two functions in Indonesia. The first is as International language and the second one is as Foreign Language. McKay (2002) said that English as an international language can be interpreted as the language used by English speakers and bilingual speakers for the purpose of the benefit of cross-cultural communication.

English as an international language can be used in the local area between speakers from a variety of cultures and languages in one country, and used globally among speakers from various countries (McKay, 2002). Related to problems in teaching learning process, there are some problems related to the components of the teaching learning process. The problems can be occurred in some aspects in the teaching learning process itself. Brown (2001) states that there is some principles in teaching English as Foreign Language.

Brown divided the principles into three parts; there are cognitive principles, affective principles, and linguistics principles. This is called as cognitive principles. Cognitive principles relate mainly to mental and intellectual functions. Cognitive principles, then, divided into five things. They are: a) automaticity; b) meaningful learning; c) reward; d) intrinsic motivation and e) strategic investment.

Although the successful of a teaching learning process based on some aspects, but those aspects can be connected each other. Teacher plays as important roles in the teaching learning process. As a facilitator, they have obligatory to facilitate the students and encourage students to use English in their daily activities. Beside teacher, setting is also plays important roles. Setting here means area to support the process of teaching learning.

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