Developing Speaking Ability Of Grade X SMA Al-Khairaat Palu Through Genre Based Instruction Method

Speaking is an interactive process of constructing meaning that involves producing and receiving information through oral communication. Speaking is used to convey ideas, feeling, opinion, arguments to other people in oral way. Speaking has three components namely fluency, accuracy and comprehensibility. According to Riandari (2007) in curriculum KTSP SMA/ MA, students should be able to speak English. Yet, in researcher’s preliminary observation at grade X students of SMA Al-Khairaat Palu, she found students were still unable to speak English.

Based on the preliminary research in SMA Al-KhairaatPalu, the researcher found that there were four factors causing students’ inability to speak English well, namely rarely practicing, unnatural situation for speaking, lacking of confidence in speaking, low motivation to learn English. The effects when they spoke in front of class were too many pauses in speaking, ungrammatical speaking and hard to understand when others spoke English. Thus, these problems needed to be solved in SMA Al-Khairaat Palu.

Of all the problems found, the researcher was interested to solve the problems faced by students in speaking English. They were too many pauses in speaking, ungrammatical speaking, and hardly understanding other students in speaking English in which they included fluency, accuracy and comprehensibility problems. The researcher applied Genre Based Instruction method to solve that problem. The researcher believes this method is effective in solving the problems. To apply this method, the researcher designed the class as natural as possible for speaking, in order to make students confident in speaking English in front of class.

Genre Based Instruction (GBI) is one of the methods that can solve students’ problem in speaking. It is a language learning method from the perspective of text which can develop students’ knowledge and ability to deal with spoken and written texts in social contexts. It consists of some kinds of texts, namely procedure, description, narration, recount text and others, but the researcher chose procedure text as a medium in solving speaking problem. Procedure text is a text designed to describe how to get something through a sequence of actions or steps. It means, students did something in real situation and by action. In this research, procedure text was applied for oral practicing. That is why the researcher used procedure text in solving English speaking problems. The researcher believes that the problem faced by students at grade X SMA Al-Khairaat Palu can be solved using Genre Based Instruction method.

The objective of the research is to prove whether or not the application of Genre Based Instruction Method can solve problem faced by grade X SMA Al- Khairaat Palu in developing speaking ability.

Author : Ni Putu Maryuni