English in Economy World: an Overview of English Learning

Today is the era after Modern English that is called as ‘Global English” in which English has new status as a global lingua franca and it brings consequences that English is surrounded by new cultural, linguistic, political and economic issues (Graddol 2006:58).

The use of English has spread across the globe. English is not dominated by certain countries, but it now belongs to more countries. Thereby, learning English is considered more and more important in life. Recently, people do not learn it only in formal schools but also non-formal educational institutions.

In formal education, students start to learn English younger. It is not taught in secondary school anymore but started to be taught at primary school, even pre-school (Graddol, 2006:88). Thus, it urges the need to study the English language learning.

This article is an attempt to answer some questions such as Why do people learn English?; How is English in Economy Trend?; What is English language learning?

Name : Ani Setyaningsih, Siwi Karmadi Kurniasih

Source : https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/17239-EN-english-in-economy-world-an-overview-of-english-learning.pdf