English Zone For Motivating Students To Speak

Motivation is an important role in people’s life, especially students. Motivating the students is not an easy process. Although there is no certain thing can symbolize motivation as it is an abstract and hypothetical concept, it provides causes and origins of human’s action. It explains why people think and behave as they do. The importance of motivation is strictly related to the success of each action of human being, especially to gain long-term goals. Since human behaviour has two basic dimensions – direction and magnitude (intensity) – motivation concerns both areas by providing reasons why people decide to do someting, the intensity of how hard they are going to pursue it and the continuality of how long they are willing to sustain the activity.

Motivation can improve students’ reason for learning English, because it creates a desire to achieve the learning goal. A good maintaining motivation can bring positive attitude of the students toward the learning situation and/or learning process. The attitude gives impact on the students’ behavior in increasing their learning ability. Gardner (2001) states that motivation is a central element along with language aptitude in determaining success in learning another language. He further argues that the individual who does not have motivation to learn a language probably will not use risk taking in language learning process. As Dornyei (2005) said that without sufficient motivation, even individuals with the most remarkable abilities cannot accomplish their learning goals. The motivation may decrease or increase over time. It may caused by several factors. Nowadays, many people have learn English, because they realize that English is very important as one of Internasional language in the world. There is an effort done by the people to learn English. They also think that learning English can help them to improve their ability and motivation in English at school or the society.

In communication, people share information with others by speaking, writing or using other media. By speaking, it shows someone is able to use the language is primaly conveyed in spoken form. It means that speaking is a tool how the language is used for communication to one another. Speaking is important, especially for student. The students are expected to be able to express themselves in the target language. But in fact, the students were not able to master the speaking skill, not motivated and unwilling to speak clearly. Based on the writer pre-observation to the students of ELI Course in English zone commonly students problem in speaking are lack of motivations, lack of self confidence, and afraid of making some mistakes. Some others might state that they only said short of word in conversation.

Therefore, they tend to avoid the communication in English. Properly, students need to practice the target language with effective situation which force students to create their own chance to practice communication in order to make them speak English well. In addition, the teacher also stated there were some external factors of students’ problem that might influence their motivation in learning. Based on the students’ background most of them who joined this course because they had no option to choose because they need to increase their ability and they need is guide them to choose course. Therefore, to motivate students’ to speak is using.

Based on the various problems and reasons above, the students were less motivated. In order to achieve the goal to make students being motivated to speak and to learn English. It is important to know students’ motivation with the course or not. It is focus on student to student, aims to make students to communicate and the teacher plays a role more as facilitator rather than as a teacher (Widiati & Cahyo, 2006). The writer was interested in investigating English zone for motivating student to speak. The subject of this research is the students in English for Youth level 3 in speaking class of English Language International Course Pontianak in Academic Year 2014/2015.

By investigating this study, the writer concerns to inform that, students motivated to get more practice because they have many occasion on it. In English zone, they had focused one goal that learning English, especially in speaking. So they were not worried about making mistakes and were not shy. Moreover, learning English in English zone is more interesting for students. They pay more attention to English zone itself because it is the area that can give students speak totally.

Name : Rurin Oktaviany S, Luwandi Suhartono, Iwan Supardi

Source : https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/194319-EN-none.pdf