Evaluating the Usefulness of an English Course at Binus University: Freshmen’s Perspectives – Quantitative Approach

The research project is closely linked to the previous study results on the issues of why and how Binus university students value English in terms of the general, academic and ELT (English Language Teaching) contexts (See Asmani: 2010). From the results, it shows that Binus University students have the tendency to value English of both benefits and universal factors that English can bring into their lives, such as in economic, communicative (here meaning communication and transport), cultural, social and educational contexts.

The information has contributed to the English program design in the institution, including English Entrant course. For the past semesters of 2010/2011, freshmen students of Binusian 2014 have become the first ‘customers’ to ever undergo the teaching and learning process of this new program. A variety of responses, both from teachers and students, has been emerged from this new course scheme with the apparent results of growing needs of collecting and recording the necessary data for future improvement and/or maintenance of the program.

Teachers’ responses have been particularly notable and abundant. However, the students’ perspectives have always been the focus of the writer since they are the subjects who experience directly the effects of the new learning process, which is greatly different in nature and procedure from the long-traditional grammar-based English classes in the institution.

These are all the reasons why the writer needs to evaluate the running program, so as to gain as much information as possible from the students’ perspectives because their voices contribute significantly to the final establishment of the new scheme. This has been in line with the Binus University attitude, which has always put main emphasis on customer satisfaction in balance with other academic and supporting factors.

Name : Almodad B. Asmani

Source : https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/166619-evaluating-the-usefulness-of-an-english-3065af24.pdf