How to Choose Suitable English Coursebooks to Be Used in the English Teaching-Learning Process: Doing a Micro Evaluation

One of the main components determining the success of the English teaching-learningprocess is English coursebooks. They consistofaset of English teaching material ssocalledasetoftasks. Teaching material sareakey component inmost language programs, includingin schools. Whether the teachers of English use a textbook or other forms ofmaterials, instructional materials generally serve as the basis for much of the language input learners receive and the language practice occurringinthe classroom,more prominentthananyotherelementin the curriculum.

To reach the objectives of the English teaching-learning process, therefore, the English teaching materials must be suitable with the teachers of English, students, and environments. It is in line with the implementation of school-based curriculum which insists that the materials be based on students’ socio-economicculturalbackgrounds.

Recently, to reach the objectives ofthe Englishteaching-learning process, as others, the government of the Republic of Indonesia through Ministry of National Education and private publishers provide the teachers ofEnglish with various teaching materials or tasks in the form ofEnglish coursebooks. Those English coursebooks consistingofa set ofEnglish teaching materials have been predictively evaluatedby the expertson the basis ofphilosophicalperspectivesor have been developed on the basis of theories of learning, not retrospectively evaluated on the basis ofempirical evidence in the classroomduring the teachingleamingprocess.

The quality of those English coursebooks is theoretically good but empirically they might be suitable with the English teachers, students, and environments or might be not, because of the implementation of school-based curriculum. As a result, the teachers of English in Indonesia face the task of choosing what English teaching materials to use, whether suitable with their students’backgrounds or not. To find outteachingmaterialsin the form ofEnglish coursebooks suitable with the students’ backgrounds, therefore, it is wise that the English teachers retrospectively evaluate English coursebooks having beenbeing used, and possiblyto be used in die followingterms.

Name : Kharis Sukarno Muhammad

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