Li Yang Crazy English Method; Between Chinese and Javanese Culture

It is indisputable that English has become the world’s most spoken language. English becomes the world’s second language since it is applied and used widely throughout nations:As theworld’s second language,Englishbecomes the compulsory language which is required onjob vacancies as well as on study field. The urgent tocomprehend English is gettinghighereachday, sincemanyjob opportunities demand English as their prior requirement. The chance to get a scholarship also depends on the applicants’ ability to make communication in English. Generally, English can be considered as the global language that brings thekeyfor globalcommunication.

Despite theimportant feature onunderstanding English, manypeoplefindit sodifficulttoleam English.Thisisaty picalsituation forthenation swhobecomethe non-westem EFL(EnglishasFirstLanguage)countriessuchasIndonesia. Although English has already been taught in formal classes, many students still feel not familiarwith itswords.English isanightmare,moreoverwhenitbecomes one ofthe prerequisites curriculums forstudentswhowishtopassthe school examination. This situation generates the rapid grow of ESL (English for Second Language) business. Nowadays, many English courses are available in many places nearbytheneighborhood. Eachcourse offers different methodtobeapplied inthe classroom. But still, none ofthem isableto provide a significantstrategy that can attract people to comprehendEnglish.

Based on thatsituation, it will be very beneficialto explorenew kind ofmethods and evaluatenewpossibilities to find a newwaytoteachEnglishforstudentsmoreeffectively. Lately in China, there is a booming movement related with English teachingmethod. Thismethodis popularin Chinaandevengotrecognitionfrom many China’s, newspaper and appreciated by some researchers in America, This method called “Crazy English”. It was created by a man named Li Yang. The methodwasabletomagnetizepeopleandbecameonetrendin China.

This paper tries toevaluate LiYang’s Crazy English method and see its potention to beapplied inIndonesia. It isa necessary to explore new teaching •method related withEnglish leaming since Indonesia still becomes a growing countryand not so manypeople are eligibleto comprehendEnglishas theirsecond language. The analysis for this paper istaken from literature data and it isalso carried out in-class observation to accomplish a clear understanding from the subject that is introducedon this paper.

Name : Maya Dania

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