Some Crucial Problems Faces by Manokwari English Teachers

Thenewly bom Papua Barat provinceis sureofthe importanceofimproving its humanresources. Inlinewiththeidea ,theprovince statedthat,besides Bahasa Indonesia as the national language, English is its second language (UU OTSUS Bab XVI tentang Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Pasal58ayat2). Its spiritforprogress isuridisputable.

However, several big problems are already there. First the demography and geography; Papua is the least populated area and most ofits people live far from each other. Worse than that, the it is difficultto connectthem. Contactamong themare also rare as canbe seen fromthe factthat eachtribe, who live relativelyin onevillage,has their own languageand can nottalk to membersfromothervillagewell.

The geography and demography leads to difficulties in modem commimication. As leaming and teaching mainly involve a process of communication, this weakness brings considerable negative impact. Data collection is difficult, telephoning, sending fax, even visitingare not easyjobs.

The third to be noted is financial problem. It is a cliche, yes. But in Manokwari special attention shoud be given especially in dealing with difficult terrain and long distanceasrelatedto teachers’livingstandard.

Others problems could make an endless list. Below are some ofour findings in regards to the situationsfaced by English teachersin Manokwari.

Name : Edibwi Riyarito

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