The essence of language throughout the world is as a means of communication. Without language, interaction between people and any kinds of activity will be paralyzed. Language is a means of communication among members of a community in the form of sound symbols produced by speech organ. Through language, people from generation to generation are able to shape and to develop their own culture. The ability of people to adjust with their environment as well as to study their habit, custom, and background is possible because of the role of language as a means of communication. (Gorys Keraf 1971). This paper is on translation and it has an interesting point of view to see because it covers two languages from two different language-families. English comes from the language-family of IndoEuropean while Indonesian comes from the language-family of Austronesian. (Kentjono, 1997).

Fokker in his book Sintaksis Indonesia (1972) explains two reasons of why the comparison between languages that come from different language-family is needed. First, comparison of languages of different types without any regard to their genetic relations is of the greatest value for any work in concrete linguistic characterrology, for it considerably furthers the right understanding of the real nature and meaning of the analyzed linguistic facts. Second, because of it, we can study and understand the whole influence of western languages, and able to block the excess in this field of study.

The background of having a research about this is simply because the topic deals with language. Language is a system; it means that language is not a number of elements that gathers irregularly (Kentjono 1997). Language is systematic, it can be explained in limited units which combine with fields of study; in addition, language is systemic, it is not the only system but language consists of several sub-systems of phonology, grammar and lexicon. Sub-system of phonology covers the aspects of organization of speech sounds. Sub-system of grammar is divided into sub-system of morphology, dealing with the morphemes and how they are combined to make words and sub-system of syntax, covering wider aspects from words namely rules for building sentences. Sub-system of lexicon covers the collection of vocabulary of a language.

The topic of this paper is related to sub-system of grammar. Grammar promotes the development of all language skill. Grammar is the study or science of rules for the combination of words into sentences (Syntax) and the forms of words (Morphology) (Hornby 1974). One of many aspects of grammar is noun which has special position in a language. This paper aimed at defining formations of plural nouns in English and in Indonesian. Also, to get ways of translating English plural nouns from English into Indonesian.

Name : Romel Noverino

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