The Implementation of Speak English with Me Program on Speaking Ability of Students of English Course at Upt Bahasa of Ibi Darmajaya in the Academic Year of 2014/2015

In the era of globalization the ability to communicate in English has become a demand to people from different fields of study, such as education, health, business and technology. English as a language in common used by people all over the world is still a foreign language to the people of Indonesia.

In other words, it is neither mother tongue nor the second language of the nation. To be able to communicate in English well, aperson must master the four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing and language components such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Speaking ability is one of productive language skills where a speaker can communicate information to a listener. In fact, it is sometimes considered as a parameter of a person s language competence. On the other side, many learners intensively taking an English lesson at English courses have to feel dissatisfied with their achievement after their study because they cannot get what they expect.

This might be caused by some factors such as too big number of students in one course class, limited practice time for learners, and low motivation and unself-confidence. Those problems are, in fact, faced by most students taking English course at UPT Bahasa of IBI Darmajaya that they feel like to have very little time to practice their English. Based on the result of students English competence after joining the course, it indicates that their achievement in English is not remarkable yet.

Many students still get difficulties in communicating and applying their knowledge and skill of English either orally or in a written form.
The problems of the research can be formulated as follows: (a) Can Speak English with Me program be implemented to the students of English course at UPT Bahasa IBI Darmajaya? (b) Is Speak English with Me program able to improve the speaking ability of the students of UPT Bahasa IBI Darmajaya? The objectives of the research are (a) to know how much Speak English with Me program can be implemented to the students at UPT Bahasa? (b) find out the correlation between English English with Me Internasional program and speaking ability of the students of the English course at UPT Bahasa Furthermore, this result of the research is expected to be able to be (a) used practically as a reference by English teachers, lecturers or instructors for teaching speaking effectively, and a supporting reference for other researches to conduct further researches, and (b) used theoretically as a supporting theory to enrich former relevant theories, and as a specific concept on learning styles in group learning theories.

Name : Betty Magdalena

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