The Lexion of the African American English in Georgia Doyle Johnson’s Frederick Douglas and Loraine Hansberry’s a Raisin in the Sun

Sidnell (2006) describes that in general, Afiican American English (Afiican American Vernacular English) vocabularies are the same as other varieties ofEnglish.

However,African American English speakers employ some words which are not found in other varieties and furthermore use some English words in ways that differ from the standard dialects.A number ofwords used in StandardEnglishmayalso have the iroriginin African American Englishor at least in the West African languages that contributed to the development ofAfncan American English.

In addition to words with clearly African origins, however, African American English has a separate vocabulary ofwords which have no Standard English- language equivalent or with strikinglydifferentmeanings from theircommonusageinStandardAmericanEnglish.

Name : Nizamuddin Sadiq

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