The Study of English Literature

As is known, English Studies may comprise of English Linguistics, English Teaching and English Literature. These three studies are the logical next step of efforts to acquire skills in understanding and using English, particularly for those who aspire to broaden and deepen their knowledge and mastery of English.

Therefore, an acceptable degree of English mastery is required to study English literature, for example. The higher one’s mastery of English the stronger is one’s English sense and hence more sensitive is one’s knowledge and critical awareness about English literature. More than that, this paper argues that English language and English literature are in fact inseparable with one needing the other.

However, the study of English literature is more than just English. It is about nearly all facets of society lives from which the English literary works spring up. That is, English-speaking people of certain country, academic, working, religious, and cultural backgrounds and political leanings and of certain times express various aspects of their lives in written English. The main objectives of studying their literary works are to enrich our knowledge and understanding of the high values of morality and wisdom they contain.

However, to know what an English literary work is all about and the messages it wants to convey requires “know-how” that include English skill and strategies. Therefore, this paper argues that the study of English literature can only occur with the presence of the whywhat-how balance. The sections to follow explain those arguments.

Name : Ista Maharsi

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