The Use of Bahasa Indonesia in Learning “English Special Purpose” : a Study at Mathematic Department in IKIP Budi Utomo Malang

English as a global lingua franca is increasingly important and even compulsory in all nations throughout the world in order to be able to communicate effectively. One to each other has prompted the awareness that English must be learned and taught in and outside schools. In Indonesia , for instance, learning and teaching English is conducted extensively in formal schools beginning from early education to university levels. The fact can be seen in that English is one of a few subjects on which emphasis is given.

The strategy is used suppose to that English as a second language in Indonesia that hopefully will lead to official use of it as a medium of communication in education especially and in national as global usage. Unfortunately, the hope still far from the government goal. As we know, there are still difficulty in learning English, either in formal and informal education. Many learners find it burdensome to learn English. In formal schools, many learners think that English is the most difficult subject, even more difficult than other subject, such as mathematics, biology, physics, economics, etc. In the absence of clue to the issue, complaints on how English is learned and taught as well as the large amount of time allotted for English subject emerged and mounted up. The idea that English is the most difficult language of all languages and very much different from Bahasa Indonesia bringing about conflicting conception on better in learning and teaching English. It may also be blamed for why many English learners find English instruction burdensome. Indeed, the approach of learning and teaching English may be either one of them or both of them. As we know, the nature of English is specific for Indonesian people because it is not their language.

English is as foreign language in Indonesia, though it is taught start from kindergaten up to university, the student still find the burdensome to understand it well. It is true that English is very different from Bahasa Indonesia in terms of phonology,morphology, and syntax. In the level of pronunciation and orthography, for instance, English speech sounds do not have conformity with graphic signs, unlike BahasaIndonesia . However English is not more difficult than Bahasa Indonesia and vice versa nor is English the most difficult language of all languages.

All human languages, including English can be acquired by all normal individuals. Why Indonesian learners find it difficult and take a very long time to acquire English is because they don’t make using the English language as a daily habit, though they have already learnt from kindergaten. In fact language competence is attained from habit formation. According to (Panggabean, 2007, p. 160), a native speaker acquires his language because he keeps learning by thinking, listening, and speaking in the language he is learning, meaning he learns the language continuously. Indonesian learners of English indeed spend very little time using and thinking in English. They are really dependent on classroom learning activities that may occur, say twice a week, each of which lasts for one and half hour. In the classroom, their instructors teaching in traditional method may not involve them intensively.

This means that the actual time spent in one week is less than two hours, but they speak in Indonesia almoust all the time. Regardless of how many years they have been learning English in this circumstance, the fact is they learn it in weeks instead of years. In language acquisition process, learning in weeks results in very little achievement. Therefore, this study is aimed to answer the research problem that is in what way Bahasa Indonesia can facilitate Indonesian learner in learning English. This study is considered worthy for me basically as a lecturer and for the English teacher as general to know how they are assisted by Bahasa Indonesia in learning English. Hence, as English teacher we can find one more strategy in explaining the sophisticated thing clearly based on the students’ background knowledge. Besides, this study also clarify the way how Bahasa Indonesia use in learning process.

Next, the researcher try to investigate how difficult material they have already accepted The previous study also talks about the same issue.therefor, The idea can be formulated as “The use of Bahasa Indonesia in learning English Special Purpose” : a study at mathematic department in Ikip Budi Utomo Malang”.

Name : Indrawati Pusparini

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