Analysis Of Students’ Ability In Using English For Taking Order Procedure In Restaurant

In tourism industry, Indonesia needs human resources who capable of speaking foreign language. As one of the Asian countries with the most tourists visitors from overseas, especially European countries. Lombok, NTB which is one of the most cultural tourism place for foreign tourists to visit, in this case, intensive English is very important to be taught especially students of Tourism High School and college. Learning English is very useful, especially related to the role of Tourism college as a provider of human resources in the field of tourism that is able to communicate with tourists as well as to fill the needs of workers such as selling souvenirs, work at the hotel or become a tour guide. The tourism information service will use at least one foreign language, especially English. Given that English is the first global language used by foreign countries from any country.

It is therefore reasonable that practical English for tourism practitioners in the world of tourism is very important and it is required for the students in tourism to be able to use English. However, the reality on the field showed that existing graduated students do not possesed the expected English skills. English has a very important role for Indonesian society. Even a person’s ability in English to be a prerequisite for whether or not someone in continuing education to a higher level, for promotion in a job, and improve one’s economy.

By possessed English skill, a person is motivated to communicate with foreign speakers comfortably, be able to understand other people’s cultures and be positive about the use of English in interaction in the classroom when learning English.  skills that help students learn English to become good readers and writers. Furthermore, Ellis (2003) added that a person’s primary goal of learning English as a foreign language or a second language is to achieve personal goals in achieving success. Problems in learning and teaching English as a foreign language are closely related to teachers teaching method and students learning ability. In this case, some of the learning problems are influenced by the methods used by teachers in teaching. Lochana and Deb (2006) argued that almost all foreign language teachers teach the language by lecturing methods and focus their teaching on grammatical rules rather than teaching the use of the language itself. In fact, according to Ellis, language teaching is more effective when students learn the language in the context meaning.

The problem faced by students in learning English as a foreign language is that lecturers or teachers used more traditional methods in the learning process. In learning speaking at Mataram Tourism College, it is still common for lecturer to apply teacher centered learning method so that lecturers seem to dominate the class more than the students in the learning process. The students who are learning to speak cannot use English effectively in both the conversation and the correspondence between them. Whereas according to Nunan (2004), students do not like the teachers who dominate the learning in the classroom with lecturing method because with this method makes them not motivated to learn. Students did not like to be passive in the classroom. The consequences of this student passivity resulted in insufficient knowledge (input) and practical skill (output) obtained by students in the learning process.

Name : Ida Nyoman Tri Darma Putra

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