Consciousnees and Students’ Victorious in English as a Foreign Language

Language awarness is part of WHAT the teacher choose to teach.Language awareness blends : a) Content about language, b) Language skill, c) Attitudinal education, and d).Metacognitive opportunities. It means that there are many aspects in language awarness. As a teacher we have to know that in language awarness is not only about grammar, or vocabulary, but there are many aspect that we can explore to increase student ability in language awarness.

By increasing language awarness in teaching and learning process student can easily to get the comprehension, understand, appreciate, and they can use they language more better. In the other hand they know about the material. A focus on language awarness is a key aspect of creating students – centered classrooms, and assist the teacher to present materrial accordingly to students readness ( Bilash and Tulaseiwicz, 1995,p:49) . It means that teacher must prepared themselves very well to anticipate the situation, and will face the students colorful of weaknesses.

Students were made aware that responses to people vary according to how we view and value them. in some clasrooms, the talking or conversation was purposed toward how we might more appropriatly speak with different people. (Olenka Bilash). Brown (2007) proposes an attractively simple distinctionwhereby competence can be viewed as a learner’s “underlying knowledge of the system of a language –its rules of grammar, its vocabular and how those piecess fit together, and where performance icludes “actual production(speaking, writing) or the comprehension ( listening, reading) of linguistics events” (p.36).

In language awarness we allow the students to describe the process of language aquisition and language comprehension in the process of teaching and learning. Students can get their own undertanding about the material that they want to study about. Language.

Name : Yanti Ismiyati

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