Droppings, Adding, and Spelling Deviations in Georgia Doyle Jhonson’s Fredrick Douglas and Loraine Hansberry’s (a Rais in the Sun)

The AmericanAfrican English is one ofvariants ofinformal English. The term informal refers to non-standard. Therefore, it is different from the standard American English.

In other words, the American African English seems to break the rules ofstandard phonology ofAmerican English. The breaking rules that is going to observe in this paper will be categorized into droppings, addings, and spellingderivations.

ThefocusoftheresearchwasGeorgiaDoyleJohnson’sFrederickDouglas and Lorraine Hansberry’sARaisin in the Sun. The former is an AfiicanAmerican historyplaytakenfromPlaysforReading: UsingDrama inEFL,a compilationof plays editedby ThomasKraipublishedby UnitedStatesInformation Agency in 1997, page 139-150.

The latter is also an African American history drama, published in 1958, page23-151. The twoplaysare Dramas Theater containing conversationsamongcharactersintheAfiicanAmericansociety.

Name : Nizamuddin Sadiq

Source : https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/221784-droppings-adding-and-spelling-deviations.pdf