English Registers In Allkpop News Articles

Korean wave (or in Korea is Hallyu) is a term in which it becomes a world phenomenon because it spreads all over the world, and it has now captured the hearts and minds of millions people across the globe. One important aspect of the Korean wave phenomenon is K-Pop. K-Pop or Korean pop is referred as the Korean pop music which originated in Korea, specifically from South Korea. This type of music includes dance, electronic music, electro pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

The term of K-Pop starts to get widely used overseas. One example of the existence of K-Pop is a website namely Allkpop. Allkpop can be accessed through www.allkpop.com. Allkpop is one of the most popular sites providing breaking news about K-Pop stars with over seven and half million readers per month. Allkpop is considered as the first media to deliver the latest breaking news, gossip, and the most exclusive coverage on the hottest K-Pop stars.

Oak and Wong (2013) claim that K-Pop fans do not only come from South Korea, but also different countries. Many lyrics of K-Pop songs are mostly translated into English. English is chosen because the translator team is well aware that K-Pop fans come across the world and English will be the right choice to help the international fans getting close with the idols and also to communicate among fans all around the world. A sociolinguistic phenomenon in the form of register is also accompanying the development of K-Pop. The registers appear in both of Korean language and English. Wardaugh (2006) defines register as specific vocabulary associated with different occupational group. There are so many registers are found in Allkpop news articles.

The English registers are such as uncle fan, eye smile, bias, ship, bromance and many other registers that unfamiliar for people who do not belong to become K-Pop fans. The meaning of each registers found in Allkpop news articles are different from their lexical meaning in dictionary. As a consequence, changes in meaning happen when the registers found in Allkpop news articles are compared with their lexical meaning in the dictionary. It seems that the registers enable to indicate the presence of specific things in K-Pop that can be only understood by certain people such as K-Pop fans.

Name : Amalia Irhana, M Bahri Arifin, Setya Ariani

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