Improving the Students’ Ability in English Grammar Through “ Easy to Learn English Grammar Compact Disc” Computer Software

Every language in the world has structure and system that make it different from other languages. System of grammatical organization is what gives language its power. Language is not possible without a grammar. While the grammar of human languages vary in many ways, they all have a grammar with their own common characteristics that make it different from other languages (Cook: 1998: 73). Ur (2001: 7) states that a grammatical rule is essential for the mastery of language. It means that we cannot use words unless we know how to put it together.

We can conclude that we need the rules for mastering the language. Moreover, Grauberg (1997: 9) states that one of the characteristics of language is that very few circumstances require an entirely predictable set of phrases. For the rest, human beings are constantly creating sentences that they have not used in precisely in that form before, in order to generate such sentences one need to know some grammar. Abbott and Wingard (1981: 15) say that a successful learning including three aspects: The ability to understand something, the ability to recognize it, and. the ability to utilize it They further acknowledge that not all persons who are learning succeed to integrated those three aspects. In teaching and learning English, teacher of English should have a good technique and good preparation in teaching. It is very essential for the teacher to create a good classroom atmosphere and to avoid the students from getting bored. According to Wilkins (1980: 35), teaching must be planned in such a way that learning becomes interesting.

The students’ interest in learning English is usually spontaneous and their motivation is various, some of them learn it because they like it. The number of young people who are technically versatile has increased exponentially. In their word outside the classroom, they have literary developed a dependency, or what can be called a tech. symbiotic relationship, with the TV/VCR remote, the computer mouse, and the joystick of the computer game handset. How do these young people view their teachers who – for the most part – stand before them trying to amplify their capacity to function with a peace of chalk? In spite of there is computer laboratory in most school, it just used for learning computer subject and not for other subject. Thompson (1965: 133) admonished teachers “Whether you realize it or not, you have spent the last few years of your life coexisting with the computer. Now, you need to take a closer look it. You will be a stranger to your own students if you do not.”

From the above paragraph, the researcher relates English and computer in order to attract students to learn English. Rivers (1987: 220) says that the computer is essentially en interactive devices; it is therefore a most appropriate aid for language learning that has interaction as it goals. Many students like playing games better than do their homework or reiearn their lesson at home. Then why we don’t collaborate the both, so we can change the students’ perception that “English is boring” to “English is interesting” through “Easy to Learn English Grammar Compact Disc (ELEG CD)” about learning English Grammar.

Name : Wildhan Burhanuddin

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