Making Ludo Word Game (Lwg) To Learn Grammar For Senior High School Students

Nowadays, English is very important in our life in many aspects. Almost every aspect such as: technology, education, Business and others use English as a media to communicate. If someone does not know about English, she or he will get difficulties in speaking with the foreigner, entering foreign school, using the technology and also getting a job. That is why English is very important to be mastered. In Indonesia, government has obligated that English must be learned start elementary school until senior high school. It is supported by the education curriculum used in Indonesia.

In addition, many universities have decided that English has to be learned in every major. As a foreign language, learning English is not easy for the student. The students must learn many skills in English. There are Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. One of them that must be mastered is Grammar. Grammar is the rules how to make a sentence. Grammar can help the students tobe good in writing. Grammar is the important part in English, but learning Grammar is not easy. It is because Grammar has many formulas to be memorized.

Memorizing all of formulas is the difficult thing for many students including senior high school students Based on writer’s observation in SMK Dharma Maitreya, there were many students faced many difficulties in learning English especially in Grammar. First problem was the method and media of teaching is monotone and not interested. The teacher as the center and the one who speaks the most tends to make the students get bored and cannot catch the lesson well.

The second problem was memorizing the formulas. the teacher always orders them to memorize formulas of grammar and give homework. They were the reason why they were not motivated in learning Grammar. Some of students prefer to get zero score than have to memorize the formulas. Based on the ideas and phenomena above, the writer decided to make a game to help the student to enjoy learning English which entitled “ The Making of Ludo Words Game (LWG) to Improve Student‟s Mastery in Grammar for Senior High School”.

Name : Novalina Simbolon, and Ari Satria

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