Students Ebility in Peronouncing English Diphthong in Reading Aloud at Second Semester of English Study Program at University of Pasir Pengaraian

English is an international language. Almost all countries have adapted English used as a compulsory subject at schools. The national education has decided that English as a foreign language taught in Indonesian schools. It learned started from primary schools up to University. As an English teacher, he or she demands to explore effective techniques, method, and approaches. The students have to master the four basic language skills.

They are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In Indonesia, English is the first foreign language that is considered important for facing this globalization era. In learning English, a good pronunciation is important because different pronunciation may have different meaning, and the wrong pronunciation can make misunderstanding in conversation. According to Dalton and Seidlhover (2005) the distribution of speech sound belong to one or other of the four main classes known as vowels, consonants, diphthong and triphtongs. Ramelan (1999), says a diphthong is a kind of vowel sound with a special feature.

There is a deliberate glide made from one vowel position to another vowel position, and which is produced in one syllable. May cause Indonesian‟s students pronounce English words difficulty. In addition, the last reason the problem is the same sounds having different distributions. For some students English pronunciation is not very important because pronounce English words very difficult. In this case the researchers conduct interviews with second semester students of their pronunciation and don‟t know about how the pronounce of English words especially in English diphthongs but some of them do not care how good pronunciation and if they were given the task of reading aloud, the students just read without pronunciation.

Lack of knowledge of English diphthongs cause students often wrong in pronouncing English diphthongs. Reading aloud the techniques that emphasize only on how to read a good stress, intonation and pronunciation. In this situation the researchers concluded that reading aloud is to say word for word with the emphasis on the correct intonation and pronunciation. Students make mistakes in reading loud is because lack of knowledge in pronunciation than students consider difficult pronunciation of the English language is spoken and a lack of motivation in learning pronunciation of English language support.

Base on researcher interview to reading lecturer, she states that students in reading aloud have the lack of attention to the pronunciation, the pronunciation of English diphthongs students still much wrong in pronouncing, intonation in spoken still unstable and the lack of knowledge of English diphthongs. Some students there were also a bit of mastering the pronunciation of English diphthongs. As for the error that was done in the students’ pronunciation of English diphthongs there are: diphthong [oʊ] example coat student pronounced [kot] the answer is [koʊt], diphthong [aI] example lime student pronounced [leim] the answer is [laim], diphthong [ɪə] example dear student pronounced [der] the answer is [dɪə].

For that reasons the researcher is interested to conduct a research at the University of Pasir Pengaraian about students‟ mastery in pronouncing English diphthong and reading aloud in the second semester. After taking steps sightings of the researcher found some problems in the second semester in pronunciation.

Name : Gustia Anggraini, Andri Donal, Andi Rizki Fauz

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