Students’ Perception on English Club Extracurricular in Speaking Practices at Madrasah

The teaching and learning in this school is supported by several extracurricular activities. Those are English club program, sport, scout, choir, flag hoisting unit. Based on Government Regulation no 19/25 on National Education Standart stated that every school may give an opportunity to develop students‟ competence by applying an extracurricular program. Extracurricular is a program which is no part of thecourse that a student doing at school, the main reason of the establishment of extracurricular program to accomodate or give spaces for students in developing their talent and interest. Since it is not a compulsory subject, students have right to join it or not.

The point of the English club program held by school is to give students chance to improve their English especially their speaking skill and have more exposures and time in learning English, because they don‟t get extra time in regular class. As Mulyasa (2007) states that an extracurricular program in a certain program held outside the school regular time for supporting and improving students competence. In this research, the researcher will more focused on English club extracurricular toward students speaking skill.

In this school, the English club program is a language program that is to enhance the students achievement in mastering English skill, there are four skills that should be mastered in learning English. They are listening, speaking, reading and writing. By mastering listening and reading, students can get some information from what they listening and read. Meanwhile, speaking and writing are kinds of output skills which mean that the students will produce ideas, but in this research will more focused based on students‟ speaking skill because in the English club extracurricular more dominat to enriching students‟ speaking skill. Enriching students language program is needed to enhance students language profiency in school.

Another aim English club program is to support the students academic achievement and improve students ability in English. The benefits joining English club are students will be able to participate the various activities based on the club objectives, students will have an opportunity to take part in the national and international English competition, students will be able to develop their listening and speaking skill through formal and informal situations and the last is students will have a chance to go aboard and learn different cultures. To achieve the benefits, the students are required to be able to use English as a language communication. It means students are able to produce and use English text, in spoken and written form.

The standart of the students English ability at madrasah aliyah is the students are expected to be able to use English in communication. Woods (2005) states that “Oral communication skills depends on listening skill which listening requires reading and writing skill because skill are interdependent”. It means that oral skill cannot be separated from other skill and it is proved by the teaching and learning activity in English club program. The writer examined the impact Students Perception on English club extracurricular toward students‟ speaking perception.

Name : Aida Yuliandasari, Wendi Kusriandi

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