The Analysis of the Students’ English Learning Strategies at the Third Grade of SMA Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli

All students should have learning strategy when they are learning English. The learning strategy is a device in guiding the learners to
accelerate their knowledge to master what contents they will learn. The learning strategy also helps the learners understand the specific information from the subject they learn besides it can focus their attention on the target they want to achieve. The learning strategy does not come automatically in the students’ mind, but it must be studied and trained well. Also, it needs a serious attention to select the learning strategy based on the goal they want to reach. It can be also said that learning strategy plays a very important role to get the content of the subject the students read. Because of the importance, this paper will talk about the effectiveness of students’ English learning strategy. The students who want to learn English well should realize that the learning strategy is a part of their need. Reiss (2005) says, all students need to use the learning strategies because the learning strategies overcome the challenge of learning a new language while trying to use the language to learn the context.

In other words, to learn English as a foreign language, the students get some challenges or difficulties to use the language in their daily life therefore, the learning strategy is used to help them overcome the difficulties. Related to the statement above, Chamot (1999) explains that learners who are aware of their own learning process, strategies, and preferences are able to regulate their learning endeavors to meet their own goals. It means that, they become increasingly independent and self-regulated learners. This statement emphasizes that the students have advantage if they are aware of their own learning strategy and apply it when they learn. The advantage can make the students are easier to meet their target independently than the students who do not apply it. It means that the students who do not care to apply the learning strategy when they learn English, they might fail to understand what content they are learning.

The students are expected that the learning strategy constitutes as a part of their English learning activity because it is a prerequisite which must be owned by the students. They are also expected that the students use a wider range of strategies in a greater number of situations. For example, when the students read their reading text and they want to get the general information from the text, they can apply skimming. If the students want to get the specific information, they can apply scanning. To comprehend the content they can apply SQ3R. Many issues we know from the field that most of the students do not get a satisfactory result when they are learning English because of learning strategy problems, or most of the students are not aware of the learning strategies they use that might be most helpful to use. For example: first, the students can not understand the foreigner’s expression because they are rare to listen to the foreigner’s sounds. Second, the students can not speak because they do not have a braveness to speak, they are afraid to make mistake to pronounce the word.

The third, the students can not comprehend their English reading text because they do not know the strategy of reading comprehension, and the last, the students can not write their ideas because they do not know the process of writing. Shortly, the students find difficulties to master the four skills of the language. As long as the writer’s experience, the writer does not find yet a research done by English teachers in Nias District related to English learning strategy which should be used by the students when they are learning English. That’s way the writer wants to find the solution of the problems above by doing this research with the title “The Analyzing of the Students’ English Learning Strategies at the third grade of SMA Negeri 3 Gunungsitoli.”

Name : Adieli Laoli

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