The Making of Smart Towel to Learn English Vocabulary for Elementary School Students

English is an international language in the world. It is widely used for communication among countries. English is used in many fields such as: information, technology, economy, science, art, education, politics and so on. Therefore, mastery English is very important for students. However, English is not compulsory subject for elementary school anymore in Indonesia.

English is not exposed to students until junior high school. This situation, reduce students’ ability in mastering English. Then, students lose their interest to learn English. It is difficult to speak, write, listen and read in English. One of the key in learning English is learning vocabulary. Vocabulary is the first basic thing in learning english for beginner in Elemantary even for junior and senior high school. Therefore the ability to learn vocabulary is very crucial for every students. Manurung in Rahayuningsih (2013) states that, the ability of speaking, listening, reading and writing English depend on the mastery of vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, by mastering vocabulary students can be easier to learn four aspects of English.

Vocabulary is a key to improve the English achievement. Students who have lot of vocabularies are easier in study and learning process. Without good vocabulary mastery, students will face difficulties in their study. Moreover, those do not possess strategy to enrich vocabulary often lose their interest in learning. in addition, River in the David Nunan (2013) argued that acquisition of an adequate vocabulary is essential for successful second language use. Without an extensive vocabulary, it almost impossible for them to use the structure and function that have been learned for comprehensible communication. Actually, English vocabulary can be learned by many kinds of media that can be use inside or outside classroom. Rahayuningsih (2015), did a research to increase English vocabulary of Students’ through Talking Stick second grade of SMPN Salatiga in academic year 2012/2015.

The aim of the study were to explain the improvement of Students’ learning vocabulary through Talking Stick and to identify the improvement. Students in Indonesia, particularly in Bengkalis regency had learned English from Junior and senior high school level. However many of them could not really understand English well. The difficulties in memorizing English vocabulary might occur because of uninteresting learning method used that lower the interest. The learning method that the teacher use as the center. The students get bored and cannot catch the lesson well. Whereas, there are various ways in learning English that can help the students understand it. One of innovative and effective way to help students in understanding and memorizing English vocabulary by giving them fun and easy medium that can help to understand easily in remembering English vocabulary and reincrease students interest in learning English. The writer concerned that still many elementary school students could not understand English well.

It is because lack of fun English medium used to teach English vocabulary. It must be learned in early age by students, especially in elementary school. Using smart towel was proposed to increase the interest of the students in learning English Vocabulary. Smart Towel is towels that are designed to increase the interest of elementary school students to learn English vocabulary. It can be brought and learned everywhere with its original function to wipe sweat. Besides that, Smart Towels are also good material to use for every student in daily life. Based on the explanation above, it is interested to make Smart Towels to increase the interest of Elementary School students in learning English vocabulary.

Name : Bobrizal, Boni Saputra

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