The Syntax Features of the African American English in Georgia Doyle Johnson’s Frederick Douglas and Loraine Hansberry’s a Raisin in the Sun

As African American English is an ethnic dialect of English that is considered non-standard, it can also be called a vernacular dialect and is considered to be the most conspicuous and prominent example ofnon-standard dialect.

African American Englishis abonafide languagesystemwithits ownrules of pronunciation, syntax and lexicon. The grammatical structure (syntax) of African American English is relatively rigid and fixed and is clearly pattemedand systematic, not random and haphazard. Therefore, the style of African American Englishcan be identifiedand studied.

African American Englishis atype ofinformal English style that is spoken by most working and lower-class African Americans every day. Its hnguistic features are a reflection of the people themselves. Thus, the elements of this particulartype ofmorpho-syntax arethe focus ofthisresearch.

The focus ofthe research was Georgia Doyle Johnson’s FrederickDouglas and Lorraine Hansberry’sARaisin in the Sun. The former is an African American history play taken from Play sfo rReading: Using Drama in EFL,a compilationof plays editedby Thomas Kraipublishedby United States Information Agency in 1997, page 139-150. The latter is also an African American history drama, published in 1958, page 23-151. The two plays are Drams Dieater containing conver sation samongcharacters in the African American society.

Name : Nizamuddin Sadiq

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