The Vocabulary Understanding of Reading Text in Hosannah Batam School

Along with the progress of science and technology in an increasingly globalizing era, cannot be denied that ability in a foreign language, especially English language is essential. Yet not a few students who learn English achievement was inadequate. This is due to constraints in teaching and learning English in schools, among others: The ability of teachers is often inadequate to meet the demands of students, especially students who have high ability in language and have the means to learn more sophisticated than the teacher himself.

The system of teaching and learning is often monotonous, less variety and less attractive so that students become bored, uninterested in learning. In class, students are often given only the theories, principles and laws of language, rather than application of the rules and laws are in practical use so that students do not find it useful to learn English.

As is known to learn the language that includes four aspects: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Of the four aspects of language that, in general, read less desirable students, the more so, if the topic did not attract students, it looks at students’ work on tests, they tend to work on other problems in advance rather than questions about the understanding content of discourse ( reading comprehension ), because there are many students who do not have a mastery of English vocabulary sufficient to understand the content of the discourse.

Based on these field experiences, came to the surface of a thought that mastery of English vocabulary students affect the students’ ability to understand the content of the discourse of English. To test this idea the researchers conducted a survey study in school, to find out whether the mastery of English vocabulary associated significantly with the ability to read English?. Information obtained from this study are expected to become one of the inputs for teachers, students and those men who relate to the education of English language vocabulary learning to Britain on improved student learning quality.

Name : Frangky Silitonga

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