Students’ Anxiety in English Learning ( a Study at the Eight Grade of SMP N 1 Tambusai )

This study concerns with investigating language anxiety in speaking English experienced by class students in one of junior high schools SMPN 1 Tambusai in DaluDalu, Rokan Hulu Regency, Indonesia. It has been widely recognized that English has a role as an international language and a lingua franca by many countries. In Indonesia, for instance, English is viewed as a requirement imposed by globalization.

In order to face this era of globalization, students in Indonesia are expected to be proficient in English both in spoken and written forms. Students should be encouraged to think about their positive personality traits and thus gather their own strengths and build upon them”. (Tranveer, 2007:58) This way, instructors can “build students‟ confidence and selfesteem in their second/foreign language ability via encouragement, reassurance, positive reinforcement, and empathy” (Onwuegbuzie et al., 1999: 232, in Tranveer, 2007:58).

In Second Language Acquisition research (SLA), anxiety has received attention as an important component of personality trait (Saville-troike,2006). Furthermore, Horwitz and Cope (1986) pointed out that:since speaking in the target language seems to be the most threatening aspect of foreign language learning, the current emphasis on the development of communicative competence poses particularly great difficulties for the anxious. As in SMPN 1 Tambusai own many of the students who only use Indonesian in English class. The students many avoid the English language in the classroom due to fear making mistakes and anxiety is very high.

The statement indicates that students with anxiety are likely to avoid such activities in which require them to speak in foreign language because of fear of making mistakes and over the risks when speaking in foreign language. Therefore, it is important to find out the causes of students anxiety and such strategies used by the students in dealing with their anxiety in speaking in foreign language. In this case, the reseacher intends to take up that problem, through reseach entitled: Students‟ Anxiety In English Learning ( a study at the eight grade of SMPN 1 Tambusai).

Name : Ravica Rayani, Ummi Rasyidah, Evi Kasyulita

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