A Study On The Effectiveness Of Using Web Based English Learning Media For New-coming Students Of Polbeng

The use of the advanced technology has influenced many aspects in daily life. One of them is the use of the internet. People nowadays use internet to help them in conducting activities and work such as advertising their business, hunting the job, communicating or chatting with the other people in the world. In fact, the use of internet offers many advantages in education. Both teacher and students could access incredible source of information such as from a website.

Numerous websites provide online English learning material. Using the web in teaching learning process, that is usually called as webbased learning, can be a tool for transferring the knowledge to the students, accessing information and as a medium of communication. The students and the instructors can communicate via the web-board and the chat-room, so that the teaching and learning processes is not limited in the classroom only.

The students can access knowledge and learn English anytime, anywhere, to promote their English proficiency and changes in the society future. However, there are significant online materials that might not suit the students’ needs. Since, one of the concerns of teaching English as foreign language is preparing the students to be able to communicate communicatively using the target language, the teachers have to be clever and innovative in providing the materials. State Polytechnic of Bengkalis has provided the students with the use of the internet in the college environment.

The students might access resource of the learning material. Therefore, to assist the students in mastering English the lecturers has designed the website which contains suitable English materials and the students’ needs. This website has designed for new coming students of State Polytechnic Bengkalis as supplementary materials in order to prepare and equip them with basic English knowledge in the first semester. The purpose of this study is to know the effectiveness of using web-based English learning media on English mastery for new coming students of State Polytechnic Bengkalis.

Name : Arita Destianingsih, Ari Satria

Source : https://media.neliti.com/media/publications/268109-a-study-on-the-effectiveness-of-using-we-28e74166.pdf