Error Analysis Of Aspirated And Unaspirated Consonant Sounds Produced By Students At English Club Senior High School Of Tri Sukses Natar South Lampung

According to Roach, P (1991, p. 8) in producing speech sounds need the movement of the muscles. The muscles produce the air flow that we use for taking a breath. The muscles that produce air flow is needed for almost all speech sounds. Besides, speech sounds has two basic aspects as explained in Odden (2005, p.4)i. e. acoustic and articulation.

Acoustic is the study of the physical sound wave properties and articulation is the study of how the shape of the vocal tract modified. In this research, the researcher will examine closely about production of speech sounds from the acoustic aspect, especially for aspirated and unaspirated consonant sounds.

The data of my research are the speech sounds produced by students at English Club of SMA Tri SuksesNatar South Lampung. From the data the researcher will analyze the errors which the reasearcher find when the students are producing the specific sounds such as /p/, /t/ and /k/.

Based on my experience in teaching English of SMA Tri SuksesNatar. The students are never aware in producing aspirated and unaspirated consonant sounds when they are using English. Hopefully, the result of my research can give the contribution for the students, the teachers and the readers especially in getting the knowledge about the production of aspirated and unaspirated consonant sounds.

Name : Fitri Anggraini

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