The Implementation of Visual Printed Media in English Language Teaching

Teaching Basic English to the young learners in primary level has important role. The English teacher has to understand much more about young learners in choosing methods, techniques and media based on the students’ ability, need and interest. The objectives of English language teaching to the young learners are to introduce English as second language to them, build the basic knowledge of English and give them motivation in English learning process by making rewards for their need and interest of this language in the future.

For example the teaching English by using media to the six levels students at SD Islam Laboratorium, Neuheun, Mesjid Raya, Aceh Besar. The teacher asked the students to bring their small favorite things from home, than the teacher discuss it in learning vocabularies by asking the English meaning to the students. Visual printed media are very important to help students in understanding English as the foreign language.

There are many kinds of visual printed media which can be used by the teacher in English teaching learning process, but the teacher should be selective on choosing the visual printed media, especially in teaching English to the primary school students. As recommended by Richard and Rodgers (1986: 87) that students are supposed to study second language enjoyably. It means the role of the teacher is very important in motivating the students’ interest in English teaching-learning process and also the relationship connection between teacher and students.

Clearly, there are many kinds of visual printed media that can be used by the teacher in English teaching-learning process to the young learners such as book, magazine, and newspaper. In this study, the researcher hopes to English teacher in order to teach English by using various instructional materials as media, therefore the teacher can make the students interest to study English language everywhere, in classroom or outside the classroom, over all SD Islam Laboratorium has applied English from first levels till six levels as local content subject.

Name : Regina Rahmi

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