A Sociolinguistic Study of English and Javanese Kinship Terminology

Sociolinguistics study helps people understand more about language and its use. Wardhaugh (1992) explains a Sociolinguistics as an “Investigating the relationships between language and society with the goal being a better understanding of the structure of language and of how languages function in communication”. It shows that language and society who uses language, they have relationship where it could influence each other (Radford, 2009).

The language used will be different if the speaker is talking to different people for instance different age, social class and background. The relationship between society and language comes to the study of kinship in a family in which it talks about the relationship established in a family through blood, described through the idiom of blood, and relationships through marriage”. (Nanda & Warms, 2007).

The differentiation in using language could be happened in this case in which vocabulary used to be a representative of the name of family’s members. Particular culture considers about the age where the way to call a person who is older would be different from the younger one.

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